Another week on film.

I recently spent a couple days last week shooting on the RZ67. I really love that system. It 100% forces me to slow down, reevaluate how I light and create an image. I find that while I learned photography on film more than 20yrs ago... I'm learning a whole new set of skills shooting it again. There is something about the challenge, the imperfections and the aesthetic that I just can't get over. I find myself looking at a number of 4x5 options again. (I owned on years ago, a Toyo Studio Deluxe - but due to its size and weight, I just never got around to shooting with it.) I'm partial to the field cameras for weight and convenience, as well as not needing any major movements for my work - they fit the bill quite well. The RZ67 is amazing... it's not like I need a larger negative for my work, but there's something about the look and process of the 4x5. Every frame and every shot is deliberate. Do you have a favourite 4x5 set up? 

Here are a couple samples from last week. A portrait of Aimee Saïd Morley (@motomamametals) from my Makers Series shot on Delta 100. The environmental portrait of Aimee was shot on the trusty ol' HP5+. 
I've included a couple images from the IFK Kickstart Motorcycle show as well... This was the first time I shot on the Fomapan 400. I've gotta say, it's a pretty nice film. A little flat out of the tank for my taste, but with a curves adjustment I like the result. The grain structure also has a great aesthetic.