New Series!

"The Makers" 



This is @philsaid and is the first set from a new series I've been working on. It features people who are passionate about making things.

It's shot exclusively on @ilfordphoto film. I chose HP5+ for  the environmental shots because of its tonal range and ability to work in just about any situation. Delta 100 was picked for the portraits because of its sharpness and ability to hold detail within the blacks in high contrast lighting situations.

It's important to me that we focus on promoting small business and legacy. Too much of what we purchase or use is designed to be temporary. Walmarts, Dollar Stores and disposable everything... it's great for convenience and price, but it doesn't always get you what works or what lasts.
For me, it's amazing when people can focus their creativity into something that will stand for generations.

This whole series is a personal project that I've wanted to take on for some time now... If you, or someone you know is creating items that fit with this project, please fire me a message - I'd love to set something up!