So much for regular posts!

I had meant to keep this fairly regular, but at least I've been keeping busy shooting.

I've recently switched developers on specific roles of film, I found the Rodinal just a little too grainy in certain situations. I love the cost, but not always the look. I've moved over to DD-X for a lot of my Delta 100 and HP5+ work to keep the grain down. I have some Fujifilm Acros based developer to try out as well. I picked it up from "The Film Experience" a little analog only camera store in Longview, AB. What an awesome place and a super nice owner. I've spent a little too much time and money there... haha. 
I've been looking at a couple 4x5 options. I had toyed with picking up another 35mm setup (rangefinder based), but I found that while the portability was nice, the negs just didn't "do it" for me. I think the process that I love so much with the RZ67 would be amplified by adding a large format set up to the kit. I have a project series in mind that I think would be pretty cool on 4X5 and might even be something that not a lot of people shoot on it. 
My latest series has started, "Return to Nature" 
A reflection of the body and nature. How the simplicity of the form can settle within a landscape. I haven't shot any sort of fine art nudes since photo school, so it's a nice exercise to keep me on my toes and push me out of my comfort zone. I'm hoping to host a gallery at the end of the series. There will be no specific focus on gender - all genders and body types are welcome. 
Here are a couple images from my first set!