Another week on film.

I recently spent a couple days last week shooting on the RZ67. I really love that system. It 100% forces me to slow down, reevaluate how I light and create an image. I find that while I learned photography on film more than 20yrs ago... I'm learning a whole new set of skills shooting it again. There is something about the challenge, the imperfections and the aesthetic that I just can't get over. I find myself looking at a number of 4x5 options again. (I owned on years ago, a Toyo Studio Deluxe - but due to its size and weight, I just never got around to shooting with it.) I'm partial to the field cameras for weight and convenience, as well as not needing any major movements for my work - they fit the bill quite well. The RZ67 is amazing... it's not like I need a larger negative for my work, but there's something about the look and process of the 4x5. Every frame and every shot is deliberate. Do you have a favourite 4x5 set up? 

Here are a couple samples from last week. A portrait of Aimee Saïd Morley (@motomamametals) from my Makers Series shot on Delta 100. The environmental portrait of Aimee was shot on the trusty ol' HP5+. 
I've included a couple images from the IFK Kickstart Motorcycle show as well... This was the first time I shot on the Fomapan 400. I've gotta say, it's a pretty nice film. A little flat out of the tank for my taste, but with a curves adjustment I like the result. The grain structure also has a great aesthetic. 



New Series!

"The Makers" 



This is @philsaid and is the first set from a new series I've been working on. It features people who are passionate about making things.

It's shot exclusively on @ilfordphoto film. I chose HP5+ for  the environmental shots because of its tonal range and ability to work in just about any situation. Delta 100 was picked for the portraits because of its sharpness and ability to hold detail within the blacks in high contrast lighting situations.

It's important to me that we focus on promoting small business and legacy. Too much of what we purchase or use is designed to be temporary. Walmarts, Dollar Stores and disposable everything... it's great for convenience and price, but it doesn't always get you what works or what lasts.
For me, it's amazing when people can focus their creativity into something that will stand for generations.

This whole series is a personal project that I've wanted to take on for some time now... If you, or someone you know is creating items that fit with this project, please fire me a message - I'd love to set something up! 

Sony Event!

I'll be speaking at a Sony event at The Camera Store on Saturday April 21st, if you're interested. I'll be talking about some  of the advanced lighting techniques I use in my portraiture. 


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New Site!

Howdy! It's a new post, it's a new day, it's new site for me and I'm feelin' good... (read to Nina Simone's "Feeling Good

I'll try to keep this updated as much as I can. I'm currently working on a new personal series shot exclusively on Ilford film with my RZ67 and RB67 camera systems. I'll post images and some behind the scenes details in here as I make progress with the project.